Trion Says It’s Working to Allow ArcheAge Players to Remove Hackshield

One of the biggest fan grumbles since ArcheAge launched has been the fact that the game uses Hackshield.

Hackshield is an anti-cheat measure that’s still common in Asia, where XL Games originally created ArcheAge and where Hackshield itself comes from, but bringing it up in the west is like saying Lord Voldemort at Hogwarts.

The complaints about Hackshield have recently taken on the tenor of a holy crusade. One open letter posted on Reddt accuses Trion of illegally and secretly installing what’s essentially a “third-party rootkit” on ArcheAge players’ computers, according to Massively.

Trion Worlds, the company that brought ArcheAge to the west, recently responded to Massively’s questions about Hackshield, and said it agrees that the program is not an ideal solution to the hacking problem and that it’s working on a fix.

“Although we, at Trion, generally prefer to use cleaner, more effective and western-friendly options (as we do for all our other games), we did not want to delay the launch of ArcheAge for another 6+ months by insisting that XL Games replace it with a different solution,” Trion wrote.

Trion said it understands that people aren’t happy with Hackshield, admitting it’s not infallible in catching hacks and has what Trion called “a few minor technical issues” and leaves what it described as “innocuous files” behind on the hard disk. Hackshield haters might disagree with Trion’s representation of the issues, but they’ll probably be happy to hear its working to allow it players to remove it.

“To that end, we are working with both the developers of Hackshield and ArcheAge to ensure that the program can be easily, cleanly and completely uninstalled under all circumstances,” Trion wrote.

As for accusations that Trion installed Hackshield illegally, Trion essentially encourages the accusers to read their EULA, it says. The permission is right there in Section 10, under Consent to Monitor, Massively says.

“Yes, the program is always installed completely legally and with permission of the user as goes everything else that comes as part of the ‘patch’ that they choose to install in order to play the game. The Hackshield logo is also prominently displayed on-screen while the program is loading and users are fully aware that the program is installed, and is running upon launching ArcheAge,” Trion wrote.

Trion also said that although the hackers are a serious issue in ArcheAge, the problem shouldn’t be blown out of proportion. They represent less than 0.05 percent of the game’s player population.

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