Trion Shuts Down APEX Purchases Because of Exploit

Following reports of a new APEX exploit, Trion Worlds has again shut down purchases of APEX.

APEX is an item that can be bought with real money and opened for credits in-game. It’s a cornerstone of ArcheAge’s free-to-play economy, because it can be traded or sold on the auction house, it gives free-to-play players a path to earning credits they can use to buy special items without spending real money.

Players have been repeatedly finding bugs in the game that allow them to grab more credits from APEX than they should, and they seem to keep digging up new ones despite Trion Worlds attempts to stop them. Some players have bragged openly about making 10,000 credits in a day using such exploits and using the proceeds to buy high level gear, obviously a big problem for a game where much of the fun depends on the player economy and PVP.

ArcheAge Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman confirmed yesterday that Trion is looking into a new bug and again shut down APEX purchases while it’s investigated. Berman said they will request a “priority fix” from XL Games if they find a problem. Berman later reported that Trion was taking the servers offline for two hours today today to “address” the issue and that APEX purchases would be back when the servers come up, so presumably a fix is in the works.

[Source: Massively]

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