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Trion Tries to Calm Those Shut Out of the Auroria Landrush

The Auroria land rush, which added 30 percent more housing space to ArcheAge and allowed enterprising guilds to build their own keeps, was a great opportunity. If you could connect, that is.

If you couldn’t, well, you’re probably not feeling that happy about it, like many other players who are upset because server bug made them miss out despite grinding out the prep work to prepare for the fight. Joystiq has an impassioned rant about disappointment it caused, and also some complaints about botters and hackers damaged the experience even for people that could get on.

Trion Worlds has responded to these complaints with a lengthy producer’s letter, explaining why it didn’t stop the servers or do a rollback to give everyone a second chance.

“By the time the bug was properly diagnosed, people had already made significant progress. The Auroria build itself was so complex that there was no reasonable way to go backwards to give everyone a second try. Even pausing the action by suspending the servers would not have changed the outcome at that point.

Among the things that we’re doing to avoid this in the future, we have accelerated our plans for a Public Test Server. It will be in place before the next major build is released. While we can’t guarantee that it would have caught this issue, we know that it would have had a higher chance of happening there, and as such, getting that new Test Server out there is among our highest priorities. Stay tuned over the next couple weeks for updates on the new Test Server,” wrote Producer Victoria Voss.

Voss also said that there were thousands of new “legitimate” land owners thanks to the Auroria landrush and that very few of the incidents people perceived as hacks actually were that. Most were just guilds and players who were very savvy and quick on the draw.

“There were under 20 people, out of everyone online that day, globally, who ended up with more land claims than would have been reasonable. The overwhelming majority of land was claimed by to people just like you, who play the game legitimately and are here to be great members of the ArcheAge community. We were able to verify many as being guilds who coordinated extremely well. We are continuing to investigate the rest, and will action and remove their gains as necessary,” Voss wrote.

Voss also addressed another controversial issue, the promised Patron discounts. They should be available now, according to Voss.

“And lastly, the 10% patron discount will take effect in the form of a 10% bonus to Credit Pack purchases beginning later today. In addition, the 10% bonus credits from any Credit Packs purchases made after Head Start while you were a patron will be granted later today. This is something we’re able to roll out independently, without adding more workload on the game’s developer. As such, we’ve agreed that this is the best way to get a great benefit into your hands as rapidly as possible. Details on how this will work and the reasoning around it will be elsewhere in the forums soon,” Voss wrote.

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