Trion Worlds Beefs Up Security For Glyph

Trion Worlds announced today it is beefing up the security of its Glyph system, which is used for access to its games like ArcheAge and RIFT.

Although this change was already in the works, it comes as a pretty good time, as ArcheAge drew media attention when players recently had their accounts hijacked and purchases made without their knowledge.

The new feature adds two-factor authentication to ArcheAge security. When you log in from a computer or place you haven’t logged in from before, the system will send a code to your primary e-mail address and ask you to enter it before moving on. Unless your e-mail address is hacked too (always possible if you re-use passwords) it should make your account harder to hijack.

The new security measures also include some extra steps and options for those using the mobile Glyph or RIFT Authenticator app, another measure you can use to protect your Glyph account. You can read about them here.

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