Trion Worlds CEO Says There’s No APEX Dupe Bug

Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman recently spoke out on reports that there is a bug that users can use to duplicate APEX.

This would be a big deal if true, because APEX is an item that can be bought with real money and opened for credits in-game. Because it can be traded or sold on the auction house, it gives free-to-play players a path to earning credits they can use to buy special items without spending real money.

But Hartman said there is no dupe bug.

“There isn’t a dupe bug. There were some instances where APEX could be used to yield more credits than one was supposed to get. Our investigation showed that this affected a relatively small number of people. We’ve temporarily paused their accounts and we’re doing a targeted cleanup on them right now, then releasing them.

People who were found to have intentionally abused it appear to be around a dozen globally, and they’ll see more serious actions taken against their account,” Hartman said.


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