TV Preacher Says ArcheAge May Cause Demonic Possession

How does a fantasy work know when it’s made it? A pretty good indicator is when some start calling it demonic. Dungeons and Dragons has dealt with that since its creation, as well as other big fantasy works like the Harry Potter series and even obvious Christian allegories like the Lord of the Rings and Narnia books.

So ArcheAge can be proud, I suppose, that The 700 Club’s Pat Robertson recently denounced it almost sight-unseen. Robertson was responding to a letter from a viewer who was worried that her husband had started playing the game and indulging in the witchcraft and worship of ArcheAge gods she saw within.

The woman asks if a Christian should play such games and Robertson says they probably should not, adding that Christians shouldn’t simulate witchraft and that it’s an invitation to demonic possession. Robertson admitted he had never heard of ArcheAge before the letter.

Are you a religious person that plays ArcheAge? Does it cause you any conflicts with your faith? Discuss in our forum.

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