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Watch Trion Worlds Answer Pre-Launch Questions About ArcheAge

Watch live video from TrionWorlds on Twitch

Trion Worlds held a livestream this week to recap its just-completed open beta. Much of the running time of the nearly hour-long stream was devoted to Q and A about the upcoming launch, and addressing some recent controversies caused by cash shop changes introduced during the open beta.

Some of the major bullet points:

Trion has heard complaints about cash shop labor potions having four hour cooldown times in the open beta. The four hour version was just a test and they are working on “reverting” that the previous version, which was 12 hour cooldowns and 300 credits.

They’ve also heard the complaints about archeum, which were hard to miss. Trion is studying the drop rate for archeum and working with XL Games, which sets the drop rate in the original Korean version, on the issue. Producer Victoria “Firecait” Voss said that what shows up on the server doesn’t always match what’s in the database, so they appreciate fans sending them info on coin purse drop rates and they’re using that and their own data to make a “nice little bundle of information” to take to XL Games to talk about “what makes sense” for the Western market.

“What works in one market doesn’t necessarily work in another,” Voss said.

They’re also editing the Archeum Supply Crate tooltip because the impression that its main purpose was to buy archeum is inaccurate. Archeum is just a bonus for the purchase of the crate, which contains various other goodies.

“The supply crate was never intended to be the primary source of Archeum. It’s not the point of that crate,” said Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman.

Open Beta players won’t have to redownload the whole client for the full game, just a patch.

Server performance has been improved.

If you don’t have time to watch the entire thing, there’s a very detailed recap here from LJ6580 on Reddit.

ArcheAge launches Sept. 16, with headstart for Founder’s Pack purchaser starting Sept. 12.

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