Win an Alpha and Beta Invite Through the ‘Raise Your Sails’ Contest

Trion Worlds is running a contest that will give you a chance, okay, a slim chance, of gaining access to its beta events and, more importantly, its ongoing alpha.

The “Raise Your Sails” contest is for  players to create a custom design “to be placed on a ship sail in ArcheAge: 256px wide by 256px high in JPG, BMP, TGA, or PNG format under 5mb in size.”

No porn or NSFW stuff and no copyrighted material. So your tattoo of Grumpy Cat having sex with the Pillsbury Doughboy? That’s out, don’t submit that to put on a sail.

Three winners will get invites to the ArcheAge Alpha, Beta, and a Crest Brainstorm at launch. The contest ends Tuesday, July 28 at 12:00 PM PDT.

You can check out the full rules and enter here.

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